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本文摘要:For months, Apple watchers have been puzzling over how the company would sell consumers on the idea that scrapping the iPhone’s headphone jack was a benefit, not a nuisance. 好几个月来,苹果(Apple)观察家对这样一个问题深感疑惑:该公司将如何劝说消费者坚信,中止iPhone的耳机插孔是功能升级,而不


For months, Apple watchers have been puzzling over how the company would sell consumers on the idea that scrapping the iPhone’s headphone jack was a benefit, not a nuisance. 好几个月来,苹果(Apple)观察家对这样一个问题深感疑惑:该公司将如何劝说消费者坚信,中止iPhone的耳机插孔是功能升级,而不是一个无聊的问题。Many pundits predicted a backlash against removing a technology that, however old, remained in faithful daily service to hundreds of millions of people.许多评论人士预计,去除一项每日心目中服务于亿万人的技术(无论它怎么陈旧)将招来声浪。Few, however, predicted quite the kind of negative reaction that Apple provoked during Wednesday’s iPhone 7 launch event, with critics taking to Twitter en masse.然而,很少有人预测到苹果在周三iPhone 7发布会上引起的那种负面反应,批评者争相在Twitter上吐槽。

To prepare its pitch, Apple had plenty of experience to draw on with when making this type of shift.就打算说词而言,苹果在做出这种改变时有充足经验可以糅合。In 2008, when Steve Jobs pulled the MacBook Air out of a brown paper envelope, it lacked the CD drive that was standard on other PCs, allowing the new notebook to be much thinner than its competitors. 2008年,当苹果创始人史蒂夫乔布斯(Steve Jobs)从一个牛皮纸纸条放入MacBook Air时,人们找到这款全新设计的笔记本电脑没PC上都有的CD驱动器,这使它比竞争对手更加厚。

Jobs predicted, accurately, that soon software and media would be delivered over the internet, rather than on discs.乔布斯精确地预测,软件和媒体迅速不会通过互联网交付给,而不是光盘。We don’t think most users are going to miss the optical drive, he said. The MacBook Air was built to be a wireless machine.我们不指出大多数用户不会缅怀光驱,他说道,MacBook Air的设计宗旨就是一款无线机器。The iPhone, just a year old at that point, was also built to be wireless. 那时年仅周岁的iPhone也以无线为设计宗旨。But the 3.5mm wired headphone socket has endured thanks to its simplicity, reliability and universal compatibility.但3.5毫米的耳机模块由于其简洁性、可靠性和广泛兼容性而被保有了下来。

When Phil Schiller, Apple’s marketing chief, took tothe stage in San Francisco on Wednesday, he portrayed the port as a hangover from the 19th century that was standing in the way of 21st century progress.当苹果的营销主管菲尔席勒(Phil Schiller)周三踏上旧金山的舞台时,他把这种模块说成是19世纪遗留下来的产物,挡住着21世纪的变革。Our smartphones are packed with technologies and we all want more, which meant removing some components to make way for bigger batteries and faster processors, he said.我们的智能手机围观了技术,大家都想更加多,他回应,这意味著去除一些组件,为更大的电池和速度更慢的处理器留出空间。

The reason to move on comes down to one word: courage — the courage to move on, do something new that betters all of us. 盖住新的一页的原因归结一个词:勇气——盖住新的一页的勇气,做到让我们所有人过得更佳的新产品。And our team has tremendous courage.而我们的团队有极大勇气。If Mr Schiller was trying to head off a backlash, his speech may have backfired. 如果说席勒在企图防治声浪,那么他的话有可能起着了反作用。

Faced with what many decried as another example of Apple hubris, social networks lit up in a mix of bewilderment, outrage and parody.面临许多人所指责的苹果刻薄的又一个相比较,社交网络迸发出大量交织着疑惑、气愤和无厘头的言论。Removing a headphone jack doesn’t take courage. 中止一个耳机插孔并不需要勇气。

But charging $159 for AirPods does, tweeted Dave Pell, an investor and iOS app developer, referring to the pricey new wireless headphones that Apple launched alongside the iPhone 7.但对AirPods班车159美元的售价显然必须勇气,投资者和iOS应用于开发者戴夫佩尔(Dave Pell)在Twitter上发帖称之为。他所指的是苹果与iPhone 7同时公布的便宜的新款无线耳机。Mike Monteiro, creative director at San Francisco studio Mule Design, posted advert-like images of historical figures such as Mahatma Gandhi, Rosa Parks and Anne Frank with AirPods Photoshopped into their ears, each bearing the caption Courage.旧金山工作室骡子设计(Mule Design)的创新总监迈克蒙蒂罗(Mike Monteiro)张贴出有历史人物——如圣雄甘地(Mahatma Gandhi)、罗莎帕克斯(Rosa Parks)和安妮弗兰克(Anne Frank)——的广告形象,用Photoshop把AirPods塞进他们的耳朵,每幅画面的解释文字都是勇气。Behind the ridicule was the feeling that even if its headphones really do sound better than others’, Apple’s motivations were primarily commercial.这种嘲讽背后的感觉是,即使苹果的耳机音质显然更佳,该公司的主要动机也是商业性的。

These moves represent Apple’s desire to bolster declining mobile device revenues by capturing as much of its device owners’ expenditures in the burgeoning growing audio accessories market as possible, says Paul Erickson, analyst at IHS Technology, a research group. 这些行径体现出有苹果渴求提振大大上升的移动设备营收,尽量多地捕捉到其设备所有者在方兴未艾的音频配件市场的消费,研究机构IHS Technology分析师保罗埃里克森(Paul Erickson)回应。It should be noted that wireless models are the highest revenue-generating products within the headphone market.应当认为的是,无线型号是耳机市场中创收最低的产品。Geoff Blaber, an analyst at CCS Insight, predicts the move to wireless audio ultimately will be seen as a masterstroke, thanks to the benefits to both users and Apple’s own accessories sales.CCS Insight的分析师杰夫布拉波(Geoff Blaber)预计,转用无线音频最后将被视作一个神来之笔,对用户、对苹果自己的配件销售都有益处。

Most customers’ immediate concerns will be salved by the inclusion of new earbuds that work with the iPhone’s remaining Lightning port, as well as an adaptor for traditional headphones, he says.他回应,苹果考虑到了多数顾客眼下的忧虑,还包括了可放入iPhone仅存的Lightning端口的新款耳机,还有一个可相连传统耳机的适配器。